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PhytoVec®-Bakuchiol 7,5% video

Are you looking for a simple and effective solution for your formulations of finished product ? This video is for you !

PhytoVec® allows easy incorporation into your galenic formulations and guarantees better bioavailability of your active molecules. Hydrosoluble and easy to incorporate cold into the final formulation, it’s a real bonus for formulators looking for ideas that combine simplicity, rapidity and innovation. Anything is possible … from viscosity to sprayability ! 🌱

Proof that we haven’t lied 📹
Video demonstration with our PhytoVec®-Bakuchiol 7.5% to obtain our Glow Booster Mist.

PhytoVec®- Vanillin 7% video

Discover the heart of innovation with our PhytoVec®-Vanillin 7%. You’ll be delighted by his easy to handle, which makes it perfectly suited to the most challenging formulators👩‍🔬.

It offers many advantages, such as high protection of the active molecule over the long term against UV rays and oxidation.
It’s also an ethical choice, as it’s 100% vegan, BHT and preservative free, while offering a delicate, subtle fragrance 💎.