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New delivery system
through chlorophyll

About us ?

At the cutting edge of technology, cosmetics and innovation

Work with an innovative French start-up

A Touraine company working in the field of active molecules for cosmetics, Laboratoires ERIGER is a combination of a discovery and a synergy. ERIGER a genuinely innovative company founded by two former neighbors, Eric BUCHY and Gerald CHOMAT, who combined their skills of active molecule delivery systems to create and develop a technology based on chlorophyll: PhytoVec® . Their objectives? To offer their customers a more efficient alternative to traditional vectorization such as liposomes and to propose, on a tailor-made solution that takes today’s challenges into account.
Vectorize the plant by the plant

Integrate innovative, sustainable & vegan technology into your cosmetic products

Using natural molecules and allowing the valorization of co-products from the plant world, PhytoVec® technology is based on sustainable and responsible development while ensuring high performance.
Our technology uses the protective properties provided by chlorophyll molecules. Native to North America and now widely cultivated in Europe, witch hazel is a shrub used in the development of PhytoVec® . Thanks to this and to in-house developments, ERIGER participates in an ecological and environmental dynamic and is committed to a CSR approach.

A great solution for brands and manufacturers looking for ideas that combine simplicity, innovation and sustainability.

Adapting to market requirements

As a young and dynamic company, ERIGER attaches particular importance to consumer needs and market trends.
Thanks to the expertise of our teams in both market research and customer expectations, we concentrate our research and development on innovative and enriching projects for the sector that drives us: cosmetics. Our strengths are technology and in depth knowledge of delivery systems. We use them to support customer and consumer requirements and to comply with cosmetic regulations.

Laboratoires ERIGER are constantly looking for new active ingredients to encapsulate in order to regularly offer new developments.

Our technology has been developed to vectorize sensitive, unstable or destabilizing molecules for cosmetic galenics.

PhytoVec® meets these demands by focusing on this market knowledge and technical expertise in delivery systems.

Our technology

PhytoVec® technology – Beyond the liposome

What is PhytoVec® technology ?

Innovative, efficient and durable, PhytoVec® offers high efficacy and performance to finished products. Our technology is based on the power of chlorophyll to vectorize a large spectrum of active molecules at high concentration by encapsulation in water.
PhytoVec® offers a high protection against external aggression factors, largely superior to that of liposomes. It guarantees a high stability in the active molecule as well as its high penetration through the skin thus improving performance and effectiveness in creams, serums … Our technology also allows an easy incorporation in galenic cosmetics and guarantees a better bioavailability of the actives. Laboratoires ERIGER offers a range of standard products and tailor-made solutions for cosmetic brands and manufacturers of active ingredients.

Which of our actives molecule to adopt ?

Our catalog proposes a range of PhytoVec® skin care cosmetic products promoting claims such as : anti-aging, antioxidant, lightening, anti-acne, brightening, moisturizing, anti-wrinkles … etc. Particular attention is given to the efficiency and performance of these actives due to their high concentration. Our catalog is updated regularly with new products and offers genuiely innovative solutions.

What about your project?

Are you looking for innovation and performance for a healthy and sustainable beauty care routine? Thanks to the PhytoVec® concept, benefit fully from the potential of your molecules.
Our objective? To meet your demands by adjusting to your needs and increasing the efficiency of your molecules. Our research and development department provides a personalized service to ensure your project is a success.

From your ideas to your formulas …



Our developments in chemistry are done in-house in order to preserve our know-how while respecting the confidentiality of our custom services for our customers. The laboratories are equipped with a different instruments that allow our chemists to use their expertise and skills for production as well as for research and development.


Our formulation laboratory is there to guide our customers in their development with our assets as well as to guide the development of our products in order to be most compatible with your today’s challenges. Our formulation department strongly supports our knowledge, the market needs and our technical progress to support our proposals.


Our internal analysis laboratory ensure regular control of our productions. A major asset in the design of new standard or custom references, it is the guarantor of our quality. Analytics allows us to combine performance and engineering in our development.

Our values

Gérald CHOMAT and Éric BUCHY have made Laboratoires ERIGER a genuinely human experience by valorizing the talent of each member of their team.


By targeting growth for prosperity and supporting them, they create real commitment to improvement.
The key to success is collective performance and the confidence of management.
The co-founders’ goal is to concentrate on creating career opportunities for their employees.


Thanks to the resources provided for equipment and materials, ERIGER offers a positive and pleasant working environment to all its teams.
Challenging ourselves and working out of our comfort zones allow each of us to excel and to do our best.
This state of mind allows us to quickly identify and resolve issues in the daily business.


Common sense guides us towards a dynamic ecology that we consider beneficial for the economy. Entrepreneurial logic directs us towards a zero-waste policy and valuation of co-products. We use our skills in order to overcome social responsibility issues and respond to current societal challenges. PhytoVec® technology is based on sustainable and responsible development while guaranteeing high performance.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be delighted to discuss common development based on these fundamental values.



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