New Launch

It is during this last edition of the international show In-Cosmetics in Barcelona that we present our latest launch: PhytoVec®- Bakuchiol 7,5%.

Why choose it ?

This « retinol-like » active ingredient of natural origin is well known for its antioxidant and anti-aging properties.
Our PhytoVec®- Bakuchiol 7,5% has everything to attract: high concentration and high performance it meets the market trends and will become your partner for a healthy and sustainable beauty routine.

The benefit of PhytoVec® :

Our vegan technology now used for Bakuchiol allows to improve its stability over time, especially its color, and to protect it from external aggression factors in order to boost its effectiveness in the skin.

To convince you :

This new ingredient is water-soluble and easy to incorporate cold into the final galenic. A great help for formulators looking for ideas that combine simplicity and innovation.

Our technology allows a better efficiency of creams, serums and other galenics used in cosmetics. By using chlorophyll, without BHT and without preservatives, PhytoVec® brings an additional security to the final customer.